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  • District Request Form

  • Enrollment Application

  • Home Improvement

  • Youth Assistance

  • Youth Enrollment Application

Online versions coming soon.

District Request Form

Use this form to apply for general welfare, funeral assistance, elderly expenses, etc.

Youth Assistance

Use this form to request assistance for youth grades, school sports, Senior class trips, etc.

Enrollment Application

Application for new adult members, transfers, and youth to adults requesting membership with the Heipa District.

Youth Enrollment

Application to request membership with the Heipa District Youth.

Home Improvement

Heipa District assists with Home Improvement for 16 homeowners on a first come, first serve basis.

Application for District Executives

This is for those who intend to run for an Executive Position

Submit applications to the District Center

Heipa District Center

PO Box 223

Veblen, SD 57270

Phone: 605-738-2324


Fax: 605-738-2379

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